Linked Data version of DisGeNET, which is a Resource Description Framework (RDF) representation of DisGeNET a vast database integrating gene-disease associations from several public expert-curated data sources (UniProt, CTD, MGD, RGD, GAD) and the literature (text-mining derived associations). The current version (2.1) publishes a network of 13172 diseases and 16666 genes linked by 381056 gene-disease associations. Given the large number of gene-disease associations compiled in DisGeNET, a score has been developed in order to rank the associations based on the supporting evidence. The Linked Data version of DisGeNET is an alternative way to access DisGeNET and provides new opportunities for data integration, querying and crossing DisGeNET data with other external RDF datasets.

web: http://rdf.disgenet.org/

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Field Value
Author IBI Group
Maintainer Nuria Queralt Rosinach
Source http://rdf.disgenet.org/
Version 2.1.0
license_link http://www.disgenet.org/ds/DisGeNET/html/legal.html
links:bio2rdf-dbsnp 7634
links:bio2rdf-mesh 5134
links:bio2rdf-ncbigene 16666
links:bio2rdf-omim 3932
links:bio2rdf-pubmed 303927
links:bio2rdf-reactome 27
links:bioportal-hp_x1 1298
links:bioportal-icd9cm 2078
links:bioportal-mesh-owl 19142
links:bioportal-msh 28
links:bioportal-ncit 399305
links:bioportal-sio 940151
links:fu-berlin-diseasome 16666
links:identifiers-org 1946304
links:linked-life-data 1290865
links:uniprotkb 9158
namespace http://rdf.disgenet.org/
shortname DisGeNET
sparql_graph_name http://rdf.disgenet.org
triples 14722231