Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven – Common Thesaurus Audiovisual Archives

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is the Dutch archive for public broadcast television. They employ the GTAA, which is a Dutch acronym for Common Thesaurus [for] Audiovisual Archives, to index and disclose their audiovisaul documents.

The GTAA closely follows the ISO-2788 standard for thesaurus structures. The thesaurus consists of several facets for describing TV programs: subjects; people mentioned; named entities (Corporation names, music bands etc); locations; genres; makers and presentators.

The GTAA contains approximately 160.000 terms: ~3800 Subjects, ~97.000 Persons, ~27.000 Names, ~14.000 Locations, 113 Genres and ~18.000 Makers, and is continually updated as new concepts emerge on TV.

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