Ontos News Portal

The Ontos News Portal extracts facts (objects as e. g. persons or organizations as well as relations between them, e. g. a person is working for an organization or living at a location). The facts are merged together and build a huge information-network including references to the respective articles. The portal can manually be searched at news.ontos.com. For all objects, Ontos provides dereferencable GUIDs. The interface at www.ontosearch.com allows to easily generate RDF/XML or HTML information.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Source http://news.ontos.com
Author Ontos AG (Christian Ehrlich)
harvest_object_id c3395127-c414-4068-b211-dcd7a6062bae
harvest_source_id da984ce3-0396-4c23-b6d7-963cd2171600
harvest_source_title datahubloddatasets
link:opencyc 1001
links:dbpedia 6935
links:freebase 30025
links:geonames-semantic-web 90
namespace http://www.ontosearch.com/2008/01/identification#
triples 2677965