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  • Epilepsy

    Ontology about the epilepsy domain and epileptic seizures. Based on the diagnosis proposed by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).
  • Host Pathogen Interactions Ontology

    Ontology for host pathogen interactions in farmed animals

  • CAO

    CAOontology is designed for supporting the COG enrichment study by using Fisher's exact test
  • Units of measurement

    Metrical units for use in conjunction with PATO
  • Xenopus anatomy and development

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis).
  • General Formal Ontology

    The General Formal Ontology (GFO) is a top-level ontology integrating objects and processes.
  • Software Ontology

    The Software Ontology (SWO) has the scope of describing types of software used in Bioinformatics. The SWO covers areas such as the software type, the manufacturer of the...
  • GeoSpecies Ontology

    This ontology was designed to help integrate species concepts with species occurrences, gene sequences, images, references and geographical information. See also Taxonconcept.org
  • Spider Ontology

    An ontology for spider comparative biology including anatomical parts (e.g. leg, claw), behavior (e.g. courtship, combing) and products (i.g. silk, web, borrow).
  • Natural Products Ontology

    An ontology for describing biological activities of natural products.
  • The London Gazette - Gazettes Data

    About From website: The London Gazette, Official Newspaper of Record for the United Kingdom plays a major role in the information infrastructure for government, with 175,000...
  • MESH Thesaurus (OWL version)

    Medical Subjects Headings Thesaurus 2012, OWL version
  • ICD10

    International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10). 10th rev. Geneva
  • Interaction Network Ontology

    The Interaction Network Ontology (INO) is an ontology in the domain of interaction network. INO aims to standardize interaction network annotation, integrate various interaction...
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