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  • Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology

    FYPO is a formal ontology of phenotypes observed in fission yeast. FYPO is being developed to support the comprehensive and detailed representation of phenotypes in PomBase, the...
  • Drosophila development

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the development of Drosophila melanogaster.
  • Bilateria anatomy

    Anatomy of Bilateria.
  • Rat Strain Ontology

    This ontology defines the hierarchical display of the different rat strains as derived from the parental strains
  • C. elegans gross anatomy

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of Caenorhabditis elegans.
  • Minimal anatomical terminology

    Minimal set of terms for anatomy
  • Plant Growth and Development Stage

    A controlled vocabulary of growth and developmental stages in various plants. Note that this has been subsumed into the PO.
  • eVOC (Expressed Sequence Annotation for Humans)

    Provides structured controlled vocabularies for the annotation of expressed sequences with respect to anatomical system, cell type, developmental stage, experimental technique,...
  • Human disease ontology

    Creating a comprehensive hierarchical controlled vocabulary for human disease representation.
  • C. elegans development

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the development of Caenorhabditis elegans.
  • Fly taxonomy

    The taxonomy of the family Drosophilidae (largely after Baechli) and of other taxa referred to in FlyBase.
  • Experimental Conditions Ontology

    The Experimental Conditions Ontology is designed to represent the conditions under which physiological and morphological measurements are made both in the clinic and in studies...
  • Neural-Immune Gene Ontology

    The Neural-Immune Gene Ontology (NIGO) is a subset of GO directed for neurological and immunological systems. NIGO was created by clipping those GO terms that are not associated...
  • Event (INOH pathway ontology)

    A structured controlled vocabulary of pathway centric biological processes. This ontology is a INOH pathway annotation ontology, one of a set of ontologies intended to be used...
  • Ontology of homology and related concepts in biology

    This ontology represents concepts related to homology, as well as other concepts used to describe similarity and non-homology.
  • Mass spectrometry

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of mass spectrometry experiments. Developed by the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative.
  • Protein-protein interaction

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of experiments concerned with protein-protein interactions. Developed by the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative.
  • Plant Trait Ontology

    A controlled vocabulary to describe phenotypic traits in plants. Each trait is a distinguishable feature, characteristic, quality or phenotypic feature of a developing or mature...
  • vertebrate Homologous Organ Groups

    vHOG is a multi-species anatomical ontology for the vertebrate lineage, developed as part of the Bgee project. The mapping to species-specific anatomical ontologies is provided...
  • Tick gross anatomy

    The anatomy of the Tick, Families: Ixodidae, Argassidae
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