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  • Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)

    Dewey.info is an experimental space for linked DDC data. The intention of the dewey.info prototype is to be a platform for Dewey data on the Web. Included as linked data are the...
  • Entrez Gene Extract

    Data exposed: Entrez Gene Extract from [ftp://ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gene/DATA/gene_info.gz] Size of dump and data set: 5.6 MB Notes: NCBI Copyright and Disclaimers
  • Texai Lexicon

    Data exposed: machine readable dictionary derived from WordNet 2.1, Wiktionary, the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary and the OpenCyc lexicon. Each lexicon word sense entry contains...
  • sameAs.org

    A simple service that takes a Linked Data URI and gives back other URIs that may be the same Thing. Format of return can be in rdf+xml, rdf+n3, JSON or plain text. The data is a...
  • DMOZ RDF Dump

    Data exposed: DMOZ Size of dump and data set: size? Openness: OPEN (?) Use Open Directory License which is, in essence, open (may be some wrinkles about updates).
  • Galen from co-ode.org

    Data exposed: Galen from co-ode.org Size of dump and data set: 1.9 MB Notes: released without contract Openness: ? No license specified on home page though generic (restrictive)...
  • FlyAtlas

    Data exposed: FlyAtlas and Affy D2 probe-to-gene Size of dump and data set: size? Notes: also found in the of SPARQL Endpoints
  • Quotations Book

    Data exposed: at least 42,000 famous quotations with author and subject Size of dump and data set: size?
  • MeSH titles

    Data exposed: Extracted from 2007 Medline baseline distribution Size of dump and data set: 670 MB Notes: contact Medline for use terms
  • MeSH pairs

    Data exposed: NLM 2007 MeSH descriptor/qualifier pairs Size of dump and data set: 13 MB Openness: OPEN See http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/termscon.html (basically attribution with...
  • English Indices of Multiple Deprivation

    This package is a collection and common access point to a group of Linked Data datasets representing the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation data.
  • OpenCyc

    About Now it is even easier to use the rich and diverse collection of real-world concepts in OpenCyc to bring meaning to your semantic web applications! The full OpenCyc...
  • Open Directory

    Data exposed: — Size of dump and data set: size? Notes: this is the classic RDF source but historically has had some problems with RDF correctness.
  • NLM 2007 MeSH

    About Data exposed: NLM 2007 MeSH Size of dump and data set: 13 MB Notes: MeSH MOU Openness Appears to be in public domain. Copyright pages states: Government information at...

    About Data exposed: (used by output of MeSH to SKOS conversion) Size of dump and data set: 2.2 KB Notes: released without contract Openness Copyright notice: Integrated Public...
  • Billion Triples Challenge Dataset 2010

    Dataset that was used for the Billion Triples Challenge 2010: See: http://challenge.semanticweb.org/ The major part of the dataset was crawled from the Web of Linked Data during...
  • SwetoDblp

    Data exposed: ontology focused on bibliography data of publications from DBLP with additions that include affiliations, universities, and publishers Size of dump and data set:...
  • Bitzi

    Data exposed: collaborative file describing service Size of dump and data set: 330,026 discrete files, 270MB uncompressed
  • Rpm Find

    Data exposed: data exposed? Size of dump and data set: expands to about 1.3GB
  • Postal codes Italy (LinkedOpenData.it)

    List of postal codes in Italy. Includes street names, city and administrative regions.
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